Captain cold 1

Len Snart AKA Captain Cold

Len Snart is one of the Flashes biggest enemies, and is also the current leader of The Rogues. Armed with small Pistol-like guns which are capable of flash-freezing anything, him and the rogues, which currently include Mirror Master, Heatwave, the Weather Wizard,The Trickster and Captain Boomerang, attempt to stop the flash whenever they can. Cold also had a little siter who joined the rogues as The Golden Glider, but was murdered by the supervillain Chillblaine. During the Blackest Night event, Lisa Snart returned along with the other deceased rogues to attack Iron Heights penitentury, and eventually the living rogues. During the brightest day event, Cold used mirror master to visit the now living Captain Boomerang in prison, telling him that in order for him to rejoin the Rogues, he must be able to escape Iron Heights himself.


Freeze guns, capable of freezing anything in the vicinity

Freeze Grenades, Blue colored grenades that explode into a giant freeze blast, freezing everything around it.

Cold visor, Blocking large amounts of light, such as sparks from gun fire, flashes of light or lightning bolts from damaging his eyes

Relationships With the rogues

Weather Wizard - Captain cold has come to accept Weather wizard as a part of the rogues, and has forgiven him of conspiring with The Top to take down cold.

Heatwave - Cold has usually had some type of rivalry with Heatwave, occasionally arguing over plans or leadership, and once over a new central city newscaster

Trickster- Since the death of the first trickster, Cold has always thought of the new, younger trickster as naiive and constantly refers to him as "kid"

Mirror Master - Cold has had a very good relationship with both Mirror Masters, and has begun thinking of the current one as a good ally. When with mirror master, cold is able to make anything out of ice, allowing Mirror Master to teleport through any of his ice.