Heat wave 1


Mick Rory, AKA Heatwave, grew up in a small farm outside of Central City. Fascinated by fire, Mick loved burning small things outside the fields of his house. His fascination suddenly turned into an obsession after beginning to burn some of the familys crops, and eventually his family's Home, watching as his home and family burned to the ground. Micks pyromania continued when he had to go live at his uncles house, and locked one of his classmates inside his own houde and burned it, and him, alive. Trying to get over this addiction, Mick tried to work at the local circus, but ended up burning the circus to the ground. Growing tired of trying to fight his obsession, Mick decided to build a flame-proof suit and gun sized flamethrower, and decided to join The Rogues. After some slight disagreements with Captain Cold, Heatwave was forced to stop being a villain, thanks to The Tops manipulation of The Rogues during The Rogue War. After Top had to undo his changes, Mick, Weather Wizard and cold were approached by Inertia, who had a plan to kill the flash. Not knowing they were being tricked, They killed Flash, but soon realized it was Bart Allen (who had taken the place as The Flash when barry allen died). Enraged because the rogues had sworn never to hurt women or children, They quickly turned on inertia, killing him. Later during the blackest night event, HeatWave would be the one to discover (along with help from weather wizard) that the Black Power Rings worn by the black lanterns can eventually be melted


Heat Resistant Suit

Portable, gun-like Flamethrower