Trickster 1

Jesse james; the first trickster

The Trickster is one of the newer memebers of the Rougues, and is shared by two members of the group

Jesse JamesEdit

Jesse James was the first trickster. As a circus performer, jesse had numerous gadgets to help him in his act. After messing up his act, jesse decided to become a thief in Central City.Arming mself with extremely dangerous gags (such as exploding teddy bears and acid shooting water pistols) he became a rediculous thief known throughout Central City. After the "death" of the flash, James tried to give up his villainous life by working with special effects at various movies. After the Underworld Unleashed event, jesse ended up working for the FBI. hired to spy on The Rogues until The Top brainwashed him and the other rogues to reform them during The Rogues War. After Top was forced to shange their memories back to normal, Top and Pied Piper stayed behind to sort out their real memories and the fake ones Top iplanted in them, and they both joined as part-time rogue members. Jesse died when him and Pied Piper were brought to Apokolips and Darkseids follower Desaad threw jesse into the fiery pits of Apokolips. Jesse later returned to life during the blackest night event and attacked Iron heights and the rogues along with the other deceased Rogues, focusing his attention on the new Trickster.

Axel WalkerEdit

Trickster 2
While Jesse left to work at the FBI, Axel managed to steal all of his gadgets and replaced Weather Wizard on BlackSmiths rogues. After BlackSmith was beaten, Trickster was asked to join Captain Colds Rogues until The Rogues War when the reformed rogues attempted to take down cold, and Axel was forced to fight the Jesse. After Jesse got his memories back, he took axels tricks and threatened him to never do so much as CALL himself the Trickster again, or he will be arrested by the FBI. After jesse died, axel quickly became the new trickster and is currently in Captain Colds rogues.